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Get your FREE Mortgage Financing Consultation

Get expert answers to your most critical

investment questions.

Mortgage Broker - Tax Deductible Mortgage Specialist

Proudly serving all of Alberta and British Columbia

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Meet Brenda.

Mortgage Professional

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Passion, discipline, and dedication to helping others achieve their goals, are the core values that I bring to my clients. A rich history, with over 20 years in the construction, real estate, and customer service industries; my know-how and experience ensures that you as my client will enjoy my customer-focussed approach to mortgages and lending services.

I established my real estate development career at a young age in Alberta, and have been fortunate to call the Okanagan home since moving here in 2008 to build my own successful business. My entrepreneurial background and passion for yoga & training elite athletes are a powerful combination highlighting my strategic and creative thought processes. These skills benefit not only my clients, but give strength to the entire Mortgage Pal team.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, you will be certain to receive the highest quality of expert advice and service when you work with myself & my trusted team of referral partners that I work with closely on a daily basis.

Proudly serving all of British Columbia and Alberta.

What My Clients Say

About Working With Me!

"I have known Brenda the past 13 years in the capacity of Real Estate as well as friendship. I found Brenda to be of good character, well researched and accurate with her assessments of real estate value and costs. She has always been very determined to get the job right and always have her clients interests top of mind! She is pleasant, charming and well connected to a wide variety of people.                    

 I found Brenda to be of intelligent spirit always learning and applying her knowledge to her work and for these reasons I would stand behind her in the employment world!"

- Joe Forzani
Past Partner Forzani Group of Companies - Calgary , AB.


"We've known Brenda for over 10 years, both personally and professionally. When it came time to move cities and buy a new home, having Brenda as our mortgage broker was a no brainer. We had personally heard from mutual friends about how amazing she is, and she was nothing short of a miracle worker for our mortgage. We had a complex case but she managed it with ease and professionalism, all while getting us an incredible rate for our new home! During a major time of transition for our family, she shouldered all our mortgage stress, and we definitely couldn't have done it without her. We are so happy to be home in the Okanagan." 

- Danielle & Nigel, Kelowna, B.C.


"I’ve known Brenda in a professional and personal capacity for over 7 years. She has great energy, is kind hearted, passionate about life, real estate and helping people achieve their goals!"

- Bianca Sinclair - Calgary, AB.


Brenda offered incredible support to me when I was at a major crossroads in my life.  Being self-employed and a business owner can sometimes pose challenges when seeking financing, but Brenda was able to facilitate the mortgage process for me, even though I didn’t have a traditional employment or income situation.  The purchase of my home was quite rushed and she managed to pull everything together to meet the deadlines I needed in order to obtain approval and close the deal!”

Wendy Ferguson - CPHR, BHRLR, Owner & HR Specialist, Calgary, AB & Vancouver, B.C.


"Brenda recently made renewing our mortgage so easy and stress free. I normally dislike these things and all the questions and paperwork but she was so helpful, professional and went above  beyond to ensure we knew all our options without any pressure or stress. I highly recommend her!"

-Brandie Cridland - Kelowna , B.C.


"Please accept this note as my heart felt recommendation  for Ms Brenda Wowk.  I have known Brenda since 2008.  She is one of the most  hardworking  people I have ever known.  Dedication to delivering the best experience  to her clients.  While most people  would have thrown in the towel, Brenda works hard to  uncover workable opportunities !  I have no hesitation at all in vouching  for her as a passionate and hard working person. "

- Denise Cesselli - Kelowna, B.C.


"Brenda is always looking out for her clients best interest. She's honest and knowledgeable. Before you decide to renew your mortgage with your bank call her so she can save you money!"

- Dyan Broderick - Coldwell Banker Realty - Kelowna, B.C.


" We have know Brenda Wowk for over 25 years. Her high energy level coupled with her passion for real estate makes her more than capable to support any business need. She works hard to meet her goals and is driven to succeed. Brenda’s positive attitude and perseverance have allowed her to thrive in a number of successful business ventures."

- Tom and Pat Guebert - Calgary, AB.


"Brenda Wowk has been a friend of mine for 21 years. I admire her commitment for health and wellness. She has a seemingly boundless sense of energy and love of life that is infectious. These attributes apply to both her personal and professional life.

As her client, you can be assured you will get the best Brenda always. She has integrity, a strong work ethic, embraces challenge. She is creative in business and has passion for real estate. Brenda connects with people in a way that is special you can talk with her and she listens to understands your needs. she will always go to extra lengths to make sure you are satisfied and confident in your decisions."

 - Corey Holte - Owner, Holte Design Inc. - Calgary, AB.


I've known Brenda for the past few years and feel she is truly one of a kind. Brenda is an incredibly caring person who goes out of her way to make things work in your favour, which is always greatly appreciated no matter the circumstance. Brenda has a kind heart and a drive and passion for life that sets the bar high for those around her. I highly recommend Brenda and her services to anyone looking to be well taken care of from start to finish, as having her in your corner will guarantee a positive outcome."

- Rachel Bepple - Kelowna, B.C.


My Promise To You

To make your experience so exceptional that you cannot wait to tell everyone about it.

By bringing together a 5 star team of the highest quality, cutting edge & driven top industry professionals. You receive expert one-on- one service each step of the way knowing there is someone to guide and advise you. I tailor the mortgage product to your needs vs trying to fit you into the few generic products that a financial institution has. Because I work with over 150 mortgage products I find the best product and solution

for you.

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